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I know you want your own 2008 calendar!

Hello people! As you can probably see from my wishlist I'm in desperate need of money xD, so I came out with the idea of making 2008 calendars for you guys with your complete personalization, it can be about ANYTHING! You only need to give me the pics and I'll work on it. Please note that I'll only make the calendars, you have to print them yourself but it's easy as pie and really cheap ;D

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That's it, really cheap right :D? If you doubt of my skills as a graphic designer, please visit my portfolio or frienger_box, I have made magazines, newspapers, books, shopping catalogues, tons of layouts and forum schemes, etc etc etc

If you're interested please leave a comment with the following information:

Type of calendar:
Pictures links:
Details (please don't hold back, tell me as much as you like to say xD)

If you order now your calendar will be ready in three days or less ^^, ALL PAYMENTS SHALL BE DONE VIA PAYPAL

I can also make other stuff like greeting cards, cd covers, normal wallpapers, layouts and LJ headers ^^

Thank you so much, please help me get money, you won't be disappointed I swear ^^ D: =(
CSJH - Sunday album

BoA: Dakishimeru caps, Olivia: Wish caps

Hi again xD! Although the last update was... like minutes ago, I'm bringing you some other stuff! I made Olivia's Wish caps in order to make icons... but I didn't use 'em all and I figured someone would like to use'em... so I uploaded'em and realized I really never shared the link for my Dakishimeru screencaps xD!! So yeah, that is pretty much what happened.

As I like to screencap also... if you're interested in screencaps of a certain video (that I have or that you gave me the link to download) and it's asian music related without scary stuff, too much blood or gore, please let me know! =D I like to screencap *.*

Download Links
[Box.net] *

Other Info
File type: zip
Cap file type: .jpg
Cap size: 720 x 480 px.
Batch size: 9.9 MB
Caps #: 171

Download Links
[Box.net] *

Other Info
File type: zip
Cap file type: .jpg
Cap size: 640 x 480 px.
Batch size: 2.4 MB
Caps #: 51

* I will upload later to Megaupload... it's just playing bad for me today -.-'
CSJH - Sunday album

subete ga ima hajimaru...

Hello people! Finally I can make a complete update xD, I've had some of this icons for a few weeks now... but I didn't know what else I should work with... so maybe I'll open requests pretty soon... although I have the sensation that no one really reads or watches this icon journal ;__;, but anyway here are my bitsies =D


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001-005: Koda Kumi
006-009: BoA
010-012: CSJH
013-024: Olivia Lufkin (Wish PV)
025-037: The devil/Mawang
CSJH - Sunday album

3 user info banners + 1 wallpaper

Heya! This time I'm bringing you user info banners, which I've never done before but I thought it was nice making'em, I'm also bringing you a wallpaper I made recently, hope you like everything ^^. And please remember to credit if using


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Also, please comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts on'em, really you don't have an idea of how much commenting makes my day :D!
CSJH - Sunday album

Tenjo Chiki: Sweet Flower screencaps

Some time ago I made screencaps of the Sweet Flower video, this has great quality and really nice shots of the girls, specially when they're in the 'flower bed', here are some samples of the caps:

Animated Sample

Still Sample

Download Options
[Megaupload] [Box.net]
Other info
File type: zip
Cap file type: .jpg
Cap size: 640 x 480 px.
Batch size: 6.4 MB
Caps #: 168

PLEASE! REMEMBER TO COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD, otherwise I'm making this community members-only, and also remember to credit me if using ^^
CSJH - Sunday album

dbsk : rising sun

Heya everyone! Sashiburi ne? (long time no see, right?), as I don't have the stuff I'd like to post uploaded, I'll just bring you some music goodness, I think I'll upload the music I upload here, but this will not become and mp3 rotation because I don't change mp3's every week, neither I take requests or that things that mp3 rotations do... I'll just share what I already have.

And this time, it's TVXQ's time ;D!

Album name: Vol. 2 - Rising Sun
Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki / TVXQ
Genre: Kpop
Language: Korean
Download: Sendspace

01 Tonight
02 Beautiful Life
03 Rising Sun (순수) [upped 4 sample]
04 바보 (Unforgettable)
05 내가 허락할 테니 (Love is never gone)
06 Love after love

07 Dangerous Mind
08 One
09 Love is...
10 Free your mind feat. The TRAX
11 작은 고백 (Your love is all I need)

12 약속했던 그때에
(Always there)


Comments: I loooove this album to no end, I bought the repackage version of this CD in YesAsia and let me tell you that it's awesome, not just because of all the goodies that are inside of it, but for the CD itself it's sooo worth it, I marked my favorite songs with bolds, 'Beautiful Life' a nice but a bit upbeat ballad, 'Rising Sun' is their best song ever!! Along with 'O' (but that's another CD), and you cannot say that you know about Kpop if you haven't listened to this one. 'Dangerous Mind', I love the way Micky raps on this haha, nice and rapping song. 'One' aaaw! A beautiful ballad that shows off their vocals, mainly Junsu and Jaejoong and 'Free your mind feat. the TRAX', not really their style because this is so rockish but it sound pretty good, this is your chance to listen to the boys rock your world 8D!