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06 January 2008 @ 01:39 am

I know you want your own 2008 calendar!

Hello people! As you can probably see from my wishlist I'm in desperate need of money xD, so I came out with the idea of making 2008 calendars for you guys with your complete personalization, it can be about ANYTHING! You only need to give me the pics and I'll work on it. Please note that I'll only make the calendars, you have to print them yourself but it's easy as pie and really cheap ;D

Ok so I came up with this packages:

Pocket Calendars (Set of 3) 5.5 cm x 8.5 cm
Cost: $3

Wallpaper Calendars (Set of 2) $5
Any resolution ^^

Wall Calendars (One sheet) $4
Letter or Legal sized, your choice ;D

Desk Calendars $6
Bimestral (which means 2 months in a sheet)

Wall Calendars (12 sheets + cover) $12

That's it, really cheap right :D? If you doubt of my skills as a graphic designer, please visit my portfolio or frienger_box, I have made magazines, newspapers, books, shopping catalogues, tons of layouts and forum schemes, etc etc etc

If you're interested please leave a comment with the following information:

Type of calendar:
Pictures links:
Details (please don't hold back, tell me as much as you like to say xD)

If you order now your calendar will be ready in three days or less ^^, ALL PAYMENTS SHALL BE DONE VIA PAYPAL

I can also make other stuff like greeting cards, cd covers, normal wallpapers, layouts and LJ headers ^^

Thank you so much, please help me get money, you won't be disappointed I swear ^^ D: =(